6000pcs have been Installed video intercoms in St. Petersburg

//6000pcs have been Installed video intercoms in St. Petersburg

6000pcs have been Installed video intercoms in St. Petersburg

By the end of the year, more than 6000 video intercoms will be installed in Petersburg parade grounds. About 800 modern devices are already working in the houses of the Moscow, Kalinin and Nevsky districts, installation began in August in Kolpino and in the Petrograd district.

Devices with the possibility of video surveillance – a total of more than 85000 units until 2020 – will appear in eight districts of the city: Admiralty, Vyborg, Kalininsky, Kolpinsky, Moscow, Nevsky, Petrograd and Primorsky.

The amount of program funding from the budget is 548.4 million rubles, ER-Telecom Holding (won under the trademarks Dom.ru, Dom.ru Business, Enforta) won the competition in May. Under the terms of the state contract, the holding must create the conditions for monitoring the territory of the courtyards as part of the implementation of the city program “Safe City”. Therefore, in addition to performing direct functions, video intercoms will carry out video surveillance.The data from the video cameras is transmitted to the City Monitoring Center, where, if necessary, law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office can access them if necessary by official request. In addition to transmitting video, devices can play audio signals and alert residents in the event of an emergency. New equipment produced by the Russian company – “NPP” Bevard “.

“Smart” intercom is a new generation of devices that can increase the level of security and comfort in residential complexes. Intercom panels are connected to the Internet, which allows subscribers to independently manage the service, ”says Nazari Mushref, Development Director of Bevard NPP.

Residents do not have to pay for the replacement of the intercom, they will not notice changes in receipts – the cost of maintenance will remain the same. To choose the company servicing the intercom and the range of services provided to it will still be the tenants of the house. In addition, residents will receive bonuses from ER-Telecom Holding, which is mounting. Network DOM.RU Wi-Fi, built by the company – the largest network of public Wi-Fi in the Russian regions – has 18 thousand access points throughout the country. In St. Petersburg, Wi-Fi from Dom.ru operates in the historic part of the city, and now wireless Internet will be available near the front doors equipped with video intercoms. You can use the Internet freely, for example, sitting on a bench at the front door.

“In addition to Wi-Fi, we plan to provide several services that are not part of the state contract – this is a mobile application for remote control of the intercom, viewing video from the camera in real time and in the archive,” the press service of ER-Telecom Holding said “.

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