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DKS Series SIP IP Video Intercom for Multi-Apartment

Nowadays, IP Intercoms and Access Control Systems play an important role in home security.

The video intercom system is an audio-visual communication system between residents and visitors in residential quarters. It is a security line for the illegal intrusion of residents in residential quarters. Through the setting of this system, the residents can use the intercom/visual intercom extension at home, and can talk to the visitor through the intercom/visual intercom door host located at the door of the unit building and can pass the extension screen. The image identifies the visitor. When the visitor is confirmed, the resident owner uses the door lock control button on the extension to open the electronically controlled door lock on the main unit door of the unit building, allowing the visitor to enter; otherwise, all non-unit staff and strange visitors are no entries. Building a video intercom system provides a strong guarantee for people’s safety.

Bewardmulti-apartment IP video intercom system is designed for organizing access control to communal entrance hallways. It is utilizing a 1.3 MP camera to ensure high quality video footage. Audio (Duplex) and Video are transmitted via SIP protocol. Access can be granted by using wireless marks via RFID Reader (125 KHz/ 13,56 MHz). Up to 9999 subscribers are supported, which makes the device a perfect solution for hotels or high-rise apartment houses.