Introducing the newest door-to-door solution – the ability to connect BEWARD DS05M, DS06, and DS06M intercoms to the CamDrive cloud service! In this case, you can both use an existing CamDrive account and combine CamDrive cameras and BEWARD intercoms into a single system, or create a new account.

As part of connecting the intercom to the cloud service CamDrive, we have retained the basic principle of CamDrive – the principle of simplicity. You will need a minimum of effort and time to make your intercom truly “cloudy.” You can get the login and password to connect to the CamDrive service through the web interface of your intercom. At the same time make sure that the actual firmware is installed on the intercom – you can always download it in the product card of the corresponding model of intercom on the website

By connecting the intercom to the CamDrive cloud video surveillance service, you can access the remote viewing of the online broadcast and archive recordings from the intercom without acquiring a static IP address and any technical difficulties. At the same time, you choose the depth of the cloud video archive and the recording mode yourself. The microSD memory card built into the intercom has a fixed 4GB capacity, and recording to the cloud CamDrive provides a much larger place for your information – the video recording in the cloud archive stores up to 8 weeks.

We have prepared a gift for everyone who has connected BEWARD intercoms to the CamDrive cloud-based video surveillance service – a month of using the CamDrive service for FREE! Hurry up – action time is limited!

You can always consult with CamDrive specialists on connecting the cloud service to the intercom by phone: +7 (495) 540-53-73

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