Beward New 7 inch Two Cameras Real Time Human Body Detection Face Recognition Terminal gate

//Beward New 7 inch Two Cameras Real Time Human Body Detection Face Recognition Terminal gate

Beward New 7 inch Two Cameras Real Time Human Body Detection Face Recognition Terminal gate

Our top ten advantages of our face recognition turnstile gate

1. Using LINUX system,stable,low power consumption,adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environments, such as on-site power supply unstable environment, etc., whenever we suddenly power off and restart, everything is normal;
Android machine is likely to fail to start up when there is a sudden power failure,and as the running time is longer,the system itself runs slower,similar to our Android phone.

2. Research on storage media,multiple invention patents,including unique patent file system,storage sector index sector life protection,images or video repeatedly erase memory without fragmentation,greatly extending the service life of the memory,completely solve long-term high-frequency stored images and video streams,and memory damage,resulting in loss of images or videos;
Android machine uses a standard file system and does not solve the above problem.

3. 65,000 super large face library capacity;
The Android machine has a nominal rating of 10,000, and the actual tolerable comparison speed range is less than 5,000.

4. Our face recognition terminal gate adopt all-glass aspherical lens with low distortion and large aperture.The lens is made of all-glass (full G glass),the high-low-temperature lens does not deform and affect the recognition accuracy.
Many manufacturers use G+P (glass + plastic) or full P lenses.Plastic lenses will deform at high temperature and low temperature,causing image distortion.The plastic will age and turn yellow after about a year of sunlight exposure,resulting in blurred images,and the recognition rate will decrease significantly.

5. Unique domestic patented face tracking and exposure algorithm,optical ultra-wide dynamic SENSOR,optical ultra-wide dynamic SENSOR,perfectly solves the problem of face image recognition under strong backlighting environment.
Android machine has no tracking exposure technology,and it uses digital wide dynamic SENSOR,which makes it difficult to identify in backlight environment.

6. We can provide a complete set of solutions for visitor registration,personnel information collection,list issuance and terminal unified management,and provide a complete access control system solution for customers who do not have development capabilities.
The opponent does not have such a function.

7. Our face recognition terminal gate can be used for HD video surveillance,which can not only to record face images,but also record the entry and exit of video for owners, to provide evidence for the behavior of trailing followers.
The opponent does not have such a function.

8. The whole machine is designed according to the industrial product standard.The operating temperature is -35-60 °C, IP65 protection grade, stable operation in all-weather and no difference environment,long service life and low maintenance.
Many manufacturers are generally designed according to consumer products,has low selection standards from components to outer casing,and its service life is naturally shorter.

9. The main components of the whole machine adopt the global first-line brand. The memory and EMMC flash memory only use Samsung and Hyundai. Inductors, capacitors, resistors, etc. only use TDK and Murata, and PCB boards only use the gold-plated version. The power supply has passed the safety certification of the whole machine, MTBF>50000h.
Many manufacturers use third-line branded storage,and PCB boards use small brands or unbranded tin-plated.

10. Use patented breathable valve,both waterproof and solve the problem of winter fog, improve the reliability of the product in harsh environments.
The opponent does not have such a function.

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