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DS Series IP Video Intercom

Used for home, office, school, hospital, SOS place or some places need help…

1.3 MP, 1/3 ” SONY Exmor, 0.01 lux (day) / 0.003 lux (night), SIP protocol, face detection, IR LED (up to 10 m), DWDR, 2D / 3DNR installed by microSDHC ( from 4 GB), built-in speaker and microphone, connecting actuator, vandal-proof, 12 V (DC), from -40 to + 50 ° С

Beward IP Video intercoms
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DKS Series Keypad SIP Video Intercom

Used for Multi-apartment, Multi-Tenant…

DKS 15102: 1.3 MP, 1/3 “SONY Exmor, 3.7 mm lens, SIP protocol, IR illumination (up to 10 m), duplex audio, EM-Marine RFID and Mifare ID, intelligent echo cancellation, vandal-proof, from -50 up to + 60 ° С, IP54

DKS 15122: 1.3 MP, 1/3 “SONY Exmor, 2 mm lens, SIP protocol, IR illumination (up to 10 m), duplex audio, EM-Marine RFID and Mifare ID, intelligent echo cancellation, vandal-proof, from -50 up to + 60 ° С, IP66

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IP video door entry panels

When organizing an IP intercom system in an existing local network, a call panel is used. Taking into account the various conditions under which it may be necessary to monitor, the video door entry panel should remain operable in a very wide temperature range and have an anti-vandal case. The latter not only extends the service life of the call panel, but also reduces the total cost of ownership of the IP intercom system.

The organization of the IP intercom system is greatly simplified if the video calling panel allows you to adjust the field of view without additional devices, for example, by turning the camera with fixation in the holder. Moreover, with the support of PoE technology, there is no need to lay cables and use power supplies.

Thanks to network technologies, it is possible to work with the panel remotely using specialized software.

Functional features of calling panels

The content and, accordingly, the complexity of the observed scene, be it the space in front of the entrance or the gate, can vary significantly depending on the time of day and weather.

Therefore, from the very beginning, specific requirements are put forward to the optical system with which the call panel is supplied. In order for video surveillance to remain effective even in very difficult conditions, it is necessary to use matrices with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range in these devices. In addition, the IP intercom system will be effective only if the video module with which the call panel is equipped allows you to form an image with high by permission. These characteristics of the resulting image should be provided with a small size of the video stream for guaranteed work in networks with low bandwidth or when the working network is heavily loaded.

Built-in call panels for IP intercom microphone and speaker significantly expand the capabilities of IP intercom. This allows not only to receive additional information about incidents, but also provides an opportunity to influence the development of events.

When monitoring the area before the entrance at night, the built-in IR LED helps to get a high-quality image.

You can call the call panel by contacting the managers of the company.

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