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Beward IP Video Intercom Introduction

Beward DS series IP Video Intercom video

1.3 MP, 1/3 ” SONY Exmor, 0.01 lux (day) / 0.003 lux (night), IP/SIP protocol, face detection, IR LED (up to 10 m), DWDR, 2D / 3DNR installed by microSDHC from 4 GB), built-in speaker and microphone, connecting actuator, vandal-proof, 12 V (DC), from -40 to + 50 ° С

Beward IP Video Intercom DS series with SIP protocol support is designed for organizing an IP intercom system in an already existing local IP network without using additional applications, cables and equipment, you just need only to install the BEWARD Intercom software on your PC, laptop or mobile devices and set up it. The software is supplied with the door stations. There is no need to connect an internal display.

BEWARD IP Video Intercom DS series on-door speakerphone can be easily implemented both in the existing office IP telephone network and in the large-scale, geographically-distributed system. The number of SIP intercoms in the same network is unlimited, therefore DS series ideal for projects “Safe City”, the solution has the advantages of cost-effective, easy installation, and real-time remote access.

Among other solutions with the inclusion of the DS series IP Video intercom is the installation of call panels in apartment buildings: a concierge call followed by call forwarding to the subscriber; SOS signaling from emergency call stations to situational centers (as part of the Safe City programs); on secure sites – use of infrastructure for audio intercom-intercom.

Beward DS series IP Video Intercom installation image


Beward sip intercom for single-family homes combines with mobile phone, Android  TV, IP Phone. to make open & communication more convenience.

Beward DS series IP Video Intercom installation image


To help the people who need help on the high-speed road or at the entrance of the parking lot. with Beward free professional VMS, to make management easier.

Beward DS series IP Video Intercom installation image


To make city safer, the Beward intercom can be integrated with most of the famous platforms, such as CISCO, ISS…it is widely installed in Moscow city.


Sensor 1.3 MP, color, 1/3 ” SONY Exmor, Day / Night
Sensitivity 0.01 lux (Day) / 0.003 lux (Night) / 0 lux (with IR illumination on)
Lens 3.7 мм, F2.0
Viewing angle 80 ° (horizontal), 53 ° (vertical)
Field of view adj. -45 to 45 °
Minimum working distance 0.2 м
Zoom Digital, via web interface
WDR Digital, 3 presets
Noise reduction 2D/3DNR (level adjustment), SmartNR
Shutter time 1/25~1/8000 sec. (automatically, setting the maximum value)
S/N ratio Min.50dB
Synchronization Synchronization with light source 50, 60 Hz
Ringing Tones Set by the user
Additionally ICR, progressive scan
Compression Format H.264 BP/MP, Motion JPEG
Stream Video Dual encoding: H.264 / MJPEG, H.264 / H.264, MJPEG / MJP
Resolution Mainstream: 1280×960 (SXGA), 1280×720 (HD)
Additional stream: 720×576, 640х480, 320×240
Frame rate Up to 25 / s for all resolutions (H.264)
Bitrate 32 kbps ~ 16 Mbps
Image settings Brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, exposure,
color correction, shade, quality, turn,
flip, reflection, AGC, white balance,
shutter speed (with adjustable gain and minimum value)
Subtitles Name, date/time, day of the week, flow rate,
frame rate, number of connections
Audio output
Audio output Built-in speaker
Audio input Built-in microphone
Compression G.711 (a-law, u-law), G.726
Additionally Duplex
IR illumination
LEDs IR LED Lattice-type (1 pc.), IR Cut Filter
Control Auto on / off
Operation mode By IR sensor, by video viewing continuously
Wavelength 850 нм
Range 10 meters
Network and Interfaces
Network interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Network protocols TCP/IP, SIP v.2.0, PPTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DDNS, DHCP, PPPoE,
RTP, RTSP, UPnP, UDP, NTP, ONVIF v.2.41, Modbus TCP, Camdrive
Alarm output 3 channel (NO/NC model)
Connection DHCP, static IP address
Users Up to 3 accounts
Additionally MicroSDHC (32GB)
Record and events
Events Motion detection, network failure, call button
Motion detection Built-in detector, up to 4 detection zones (sensitivity adjustment)
Email notification By event: images
FTP, memory card By event: images, video
Power 12V(DC), POE IEEE 802.3 AF
Power consumption MAX 5W
Comm.current Up to 1 А
Operating temperature range – 40 To + 50℃
Ingress Protection IP54
Housing Vandal-proof housing
Body material Metal, field of View Adjustment: rotatable body
Dimensions (WxHxD) 73*166*51 mm
Weight 570g
Color Black (matte), gray (optional)
Control Beward IP Visor professional Software (Included)
System requirements Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 in the Windows 8/7 / Vista environment
IOS 6.0-9, Android 4.0 later
Scope of delivery Door station
Outside panel
Switching box
CD (with software and documentation)
Attention! The power supply is not included and must be purchased separately.


  • Opening the door to recognizing faces, up to 30 persons in the database

  • 1.3 megapixel sensor SONY Exmor new generation

  • Beward IP video intercoms also support SDK and API

  • Our IP Video Intercom can easily connected to a telephone IP-network, work on SIP-protocol

  • Opening a door from a cell phone without attachments (DTMF)

  • Our IP video intercoms can connect to SIP clients via the Internet without static IP addresses

  • Vandal Resistant: metal body, hidden fixing

  • Camdrive cloud service support

  • Operation in the temperature range from -40 to + 50 ℃, protection class IP54

  • IR illumination of the third generation, range of up to 10 m

  • Digital noise reduction system (2D / 3DNR)

  • Encoding: H.264 BP / MP, Motion JPEG

  • Day / night mode and electromechanical IR filter

  • Remote access to the IP video intercom calling panel in real time

  • Rotate the camera with fixation in the holder

  • Beward IP video intercoms can realize the two-way audio communication

  • Installed microSDHC card from 4 GB, recording to a memory card

  • Control of the IP video intercom panel from a PC, laptop or mobile device

  • Mobile client for Android and iOS, Beward IP intercom can be easily controlled by the Mobile applications, ensure you have a convenient and safe experience.

  • Connect up to 36 panels to one computer via BEWARD IP Visor and Record Center

Video Intercom with SIP protocol and 3ch function

Innovative Technologies

Face recognition

SIP – intercom DS Series is equipped with a built-in facial recognition feature that allows for automated access to the premises. This is especially important to speed up access without any additional devices (for example, for employees of the organization, family members, etc.). At the same time, the face recognition functionality works autonomously and does not depend on the connection to the local network or Internet access.

Increased functionality and protection against hacking

The optional DS06MP-3L version allows you to connect up to 3 actuators to the intercom to perform such functions as: open doors, gates, barriers, as well as turning on lights, alarms, etc. Thus, on a call, you can, for example, turn on additional lighting first and then open the door lock. For DS Series, the connection between the intercom and the devices connected to it are performed using an encrypted bus. Opening the lock occurs only in case of successful verification of the secret code intercom. The attacker will not be able to control the lock, even if he gets physical access to the intercom wire and applies the Brute Force (full brute force codes).

SIP Protocol: IP Doorphone Integration into IP Network

The BEWARD DS Series calling panel with SIP support opens up new possibilities for users. Thanks to the universal and open protocol, the BEWARD DS Series SIP video intercom can be connected to SIP devices from other manufacturers (SIP intercoms, IP phones, IP video phones, SIP monitors, IP phones, SIP softphones, mobile SIP clients for platforms etc). IP intercom can work via IP-PBX or communicate with another SIP device directly. DS Series allows you to receive a call and open the door (DTMF tone dialing) when forwarding to a regular cellular or landline phone.

CamDrive cloud service support

Users have the opportunity to conveniently view online video from an intercom, increased archive depth and recording duration, as well as recording clips by pressing the call button, with a pre-recording of 3 seconds. To take advantage of the CamDrive cloud service, you need to upgrade your door phone firmware to the current version.

High image quality

The 1.3-megapixel SONY Exmor sensor provides highly detailed images and has very good sensitivity. Thanks to 2D / 3DNR noise reduction technology, the DS Series produces a good, high-quality image even in difficult lighting conditions.

Control intercom through mobile applications

The DS Series access panel allows you to control access from any computer (laptop) under Windows or from a mobile device based on iOS and Android platforms. To take a call and open the door you do not have to go to the intercom – it can be done remotely. The accompanying application is distributed free of charge with the device and is available at any time for download from our website (the “Files” tab).

High-quality audio

The DS Series doorbell panel features a built-in speaker and microphone. The hardware audio signal processing and echo cancellation system allows you to get a clear, well-recognized sound.

Night shot

For observation in complete darkness, an electromechanical IR cut filter and built-in IR illumination with a range of up to 10 m are provided. A powerful III generation IR-LED built into the call panel has an increased service life and high stability of parameters compared to normal ones. The efficiency of III generation LEDs is so high that each of them replaces 15-20 ordinary ones.

Unique swivel body

To ensure the most effective view from the door phone camera while maintaining the ease of installation, the company NPP Bevard developed a unique in-kind swivel casing of the outside panel with fixation in the holder. Now it’s easy to mount the DS Series lens to the object of observation during installation.

Resistance to the environment

The metal anti-vandal case of the DS Series outside panel will not allow attackers to disable it, and the hidden mounting mechanism will not dismantle the panel. DS Series can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the temperature range from -40 to + 50 ° C and protection against dust and moisture in accordance with class IP54.

Wide functionality

The DS Series call panel can be easily incorporated into the security system and used as an IP camera. At the same time, it allows you to record audio and video continuously, by pressing the call button or by detecting movement. The IP door phone DS Series panel supports popular network protocols, which increases the possibilities of its application.

Free professional software included

BEARD DS Series IP Video Intercom widely used for home, office, school, hospital, prison, SOS…


How Beward IP Video Intercom DS Series Work

Vandal Resistant Test


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Adjustable Field Of View

The first and only Video Intercom have the rotatable function

Beward DS series IP Video Intercom 180° function image

Easy Installation

  • Field of view adjustment: Ratable Body
  • Vandal resistant: Metal body, Hidden fixing
  • Power: 12V DC, P0E(for DSxxMP)
  • Wide range of electric locks support 
  • Outdoor(IP54, -40…+50℃)


Beward DS series IP Video Intercom application image

Wide functional

BEWARD IP video intercom is easy to connect the door station to a security system as an IP-camera. The door station is able to record audio continuously, by the button pressing and by the video motion detection. The door station DS06M supports the common network protocols. It increases the application possibility of the solution

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