Update your old analog video intercom to IP/SIP

//Update your old analog video intercom to IP/SIP

Update your old analog video intercom to IP/SIP

The Beward DK103M video intercom converter allows you to use a single-subscriber analog video intercom and a multi-subscriber coordinate-matrix video intercom as part of calling one apartment as an IP video intercom. To control access, you can use any computer with Windows operating system, or mobile devices on Android and iOS.

If you have an old analog video intercom system that is you would like to update it to IP video system, we have a helpful solution for you. Our 4-wires DK103M converter can help you a cost-effective, easy and very convenient way to update your analog intercom system.

DK103M video intercom converter allows you to access control from mobile app, the range functions of two-way talk, unlock, record video, snapshot, real-time surveillance and so on, to give you a peace of mind anywhere.

SIP protocol: integration of a video intercom into an IP network

The DK103M converter support SIP open source protocol, analog intercom can be turned into a SIP video intercom,which connects to other SIP devices(SIP intercoms,SIP IP phones,SIP monitors, SIP IP handsets,SIP PBX,SIP clients and so on)

Analog video intercom via SIP IP PBX can work with other SIP device directly,DK103M IP video intercom converter can receive a call and open the door(DTMF) when forwarding to a regular mobile or landline phone.At the same time,the SIP STUN technology allow you to connect the call panel via the Internet without using a static address.

DK03Mconverter compatible with following 4 wires video intercom models,tested successfully:
Kenwei KW-139MCS
Activision AVC-305
Kocom KC-MC20
Polyvision PVD-104CM2
Quantum QM-305N

Commax DRC-4CH

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