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Benefits of Collaboration with Beward:

  • We are a manufacturing company that:

    • Adapts the manufactured products to any market:
      I. To any environment conditions
      II. To any power requirements
      III. Ability to adopt a certain product to client’s needs
      IV. Providing a large choice of accessories
    • Provides efficient technical support. If the problem has a solution, we will solve it
    • Quickly solves any problems
    • Allows adapting the products to the clients’ requirements during the production phase
  • We Started IP Surveillance Cameras since the 2006 year, Stated IP Video Intercoms since 2012, all the products are developed and produced by ourselves, Keep innovating, never stop.

  • BEWARD is the bellwether in this industry, our design or product ideas were followed by others company 3, 4 years later

  • Secure all surveillance information data is the ultimate aim, our own 5 VMS softwares can achieve it, BUT free.

  • Our IP device hardware approved by ISO 9001:2008 standard, promise 10 years quality gurantee.

  • Each components experience very strictly burning test(our own secret professional system ), avoid lower quality items.

  • More than 500,000pcs our IP Cameras installed works perfectly.

  • Open source software SDK and API provided, help customer to make their own software development and already had Rich enough experience to make integration with other platforms.

Strict inspection and operation rules

Independent Technologies

All the Beward products are independent R&D, the technicals that communicate between China and Russia make Beward products have the competitive edge to over the world

Incoming Material Inspection

Incoming material 100% test and 100% qualified

Automatic Production Lines

High Efficiency, Low Cost, High Quality

All the parts of the products designed by ourselves

PCB Test

After the PCB assembly, they must be tested and make sure qualified.

Camera Test

Center (px): 2.2 million pixels     Four Corners (px): 1.4 million pixels

Assembly Lines

Professionally trained workers, Strict norms of operation rules

Semi-finished Product Test

After assembling, all the products must be tested

Aging and Temperature Test

24 Hours Aging Time

Surge Test

Simulate all possible circuit conditions to test if the products can proper functioning. All our products must have the alive ability under all the circuit conditions(High Voltage and Electric Current Surges or every emergency case)

Finally Test

To make sure you can get the perfect products

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