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What We Do

BEWARD China factory was established in 2006 as a developer and manufacturer of IP Cameras and IP Video Intercoms. We start from 3 person staff company to now 400 staffs in the company, more than 150 experienced engineers located both in China and Russian head office. we keep developing and improving our own software, also design our new unique useful hardware.

IP Video intercom
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Why You Should Choose BEWARD

Vandal resistant BEWARD DS06 series IP Video Intercoms are designed to build IP video intercom system in an existing LAN

1.3 Mpx CMOS SONY Exmor, 1280 x 960 px

Real-time video in all resolutions

Exceptional light sensitivity, day/night

High-efficiency IR illumination with feedback features

Back Light Compensation, noise reduction

Beward IP Video Intercom DS series

BEWARD Vandal-proof IP Video Intercom DKS Series

High-Quality Video

Access Control

Up to 9999 Subscribers Support

Up to 8500 FRID Keys Support


IP, SIP, ONVIF Supported

BEWARD’s name is known the world over. Designated the leading supplier amongst numerous G8 and G20 nations, we are always diversifying our base in new markets. Our name stands for ingenuity, innovation and strength!

IP Video intercom Manufacturer

Beward provides free software and you will get professional support from more than 150 professional Beward engineers

IP Video intercom Manufacturer

More than 3000 videos show how to use beward products and the innovative technologies

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IP Video intercom Manufacturer