Analog to IP/SIP Converter for Video Door Phone

/Analog to IP/SIP Converter for Video Door Phone
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The Beward DK103M analog to IP for video door phone allows converting the 4-wires analog video door phone(Below resolution 960H) and analog coordinate-matrix video door phone to IP digital. It’s can remote access control anywhere anytime from any PC computer/laptop(Windows) or mobile phone(Android or IOS) . It’s easy monitoring your door/gate, also talk and see your visitors before you open the door.

DK103M support SIP protocol, which allows you to take a call and open the door in tone mode from a regular cellular or landline phone.

How Beward Analog to IP Converter Work

With the help of analog to IP DK103M converter, you can connect a SIP video door phone to an existing IP telephone network, also this DK103M converter can be used in apartment buildings for received a call from a multi-subscriber coordinate-matrix video door phone, send an SOS signal from emergency call station to situation centers.

Analog to IP video door phone converter can easy integrate analog video door phone intercom into IP security system and use it as an IP camera, what’s more also can record audio and video continuously via pressing the call button or via detection motion.

Compatible with following 4 wires video door phone models, tested successfully:

Kenwei KW-139MCS


Activision AVC-305

Kocom KC-MC20

Polyvision PVD-104CM2

Quantum QM-305N

Commax DRC-4CH


  1. Resolution:960×576, 720×576, 704×576
  2. Compression: H.264BP/MP,MJPEG
  3. Real-time video
  4. 1 Ethernet-port 0/100 Mbps
  5. Optional: Buil in Wi-Fi module
  6. USB port for4G/3G modem connection
  7. Pre-installed micro SDHC memory card (8 GB)
Analog to IP converter box


Analog to IP converter box with Wifi
  1. RS485, 12V DC
  2. Analog intercom connection
  3. Analog monitor connection
  4. SIP standard 2.0 supported
  5. MicroSDHC support (up to 32 GB)
  6. Multiple clients simultaneous access
  7. Onvif standard 2.4.1 version supported

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